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The Graduate Writing and Research Center (GWRC) at Ohio University is an innovative learning space for graduate and undergraduate students who are working on major writing projects like theses, dissertations, journal articles, grants, and job search materials. We also offer research support by partnering with the University's and providing tutoring in research methods and statistics.

The Writing and Research Center, located on the second floor of the Marvin Library Learning Commons, operates during the  the building is open.

355:301 College Writing and Research bridges the gap for transfer students as they develop the skills necessary to meet Rutgers University’s rigorous writing standards. In the first part of the course, students complete analytic papers based on connected close readings. The process introduces strategies for freewriting, organization, independent argumentation, implication driven analysis, peer review, and writing toward discovery. In the second half of the course, writers complete a 8-10 page research paper, providing a chance to develop an independent academic inquiry into an area of personal interest. 301 offers an opportunity to find community with other transfer students, while writers independently pursue research and take collegiate writing to the next level!

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Welcome to the Online Guide to Writing and Research, Version 2.0. The guide isfull of useful information and features: Contents Introduction Unit 1: Introduction to the skills of extended writing and research Unit 2: Using evidence to support your ideas Unit 3: Structuring your project and finding information Unit 4: Developing your project Unit 5: Developing a focus Unit 6: Introductions, conclusions and definitions Unit 7: Incorporating data and illustrations Unit 8: Preparing for conference presentations and editing your work Glossary Appendices Appendix 1: Sample project Appendix 2: Self-evaluation checklist Appendix 3: Taking notes Appendix 4: Source texts Appendix 5: Compiling a bibliography

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Joan McCormack is the Director of the Self-Access Centre at the University of Reading, and works as an EAP Lecturer and Course Director. She has worked in Japan, Peru and Spain, and has been involved in the field of EAP for the past 12 years. Her areas of interest include the development of materials for teaching extended academic writing and research skills, as well as fostering the development of learner autonomy in students. Joan is co-author of two of the titles in the English for Academic Study series: Extended Writing and Research Skills and Speaking. John Slaght has worked at the University of Reading in a variety of capacities since 1988 and currently works in the EAP department. He is Director of Assessment and Test Development in the International Study and Language Centre at the University. John has co-authored two books in Garnet Education's English for Academic Study series: Reading and Extended Writing and Research Skills. John has extensive overseas experience in Higher Education, having spent a total of 14 years teaching English, History and French in Africa, and Academic English in the Middle East. His work continues to take him to various areas of the globe. John is currently piloting a book of preparation materials for the Test of English for Educational Purposes and is planning further publications on Academic Reading and Language Testing. Currently, his responsibilities in testing include test administration and writing. He has been an item writer for Cambridge ESOL for a number of years and is regional team leader on a marking panel.

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