Views on interracial relationships and racial equality

I can only assume that this justice of the peace is not alone at all in his views on interracial relationships, not only in that particular area, but across the U.S. No matter what country you go to in the world, mixed race relationships will, unfortunately, have their fair share of dirty looks, dirty comments, and even worse. Sadly you will never eradicate such hate, even with the younger generation this will never ever go away. A friend of mine, an asian male, is married to a white lady (from the south). It’s sad to constantly read of the hate she receives from racists over their relationship (on her blog).

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In Jungle Fever, released in June of 1991, Snipes portrayed a married architect having an affair with his white secretaryan affair that ended due to economic and cultural differences between the lovers and their conflicted families. The film was a vehicle for Lees views on interracial relationships, and Snipes told Hilary De Vries of the Los Angeles Times: I dont know if the film is an argument for racial purity. I think its about how color-conscious this society really is.

Views on Interracial Relationships

Interviewee #1: Does culture affect views on interracial relationships Unfortunately it’s not terribly surprising to me that the LGBT community exhibits such behavior. I’ve said this before, we are all products of our environment; and whether we realize this consciously or subconsciously, this can have a great or minor impact on who we become as individuals. The people that she mentioned in her story, most of them come from the south, and the south has historically been the most segregated, racially divisive part of our country. Regardless of whether someone is gay or not they still are influenced by their surroundings. The guy that she hung out with most likely grew up on a very conservative household; where being in an interracial relationship was a bad thing or at the very least something that was very discouraged. And whether or not he acknowledges it, this had influenced his views on interracial relationships. I explained this same phenomenon to my boyfriend who happens to be, that just because he is in a relationship with a gay black man does not mean that he is above racism; that he was not a product of his environment.

The women were then asked their views on interracial relationships

The authors were interested in college students' perceptions of their families' attitudes towards interracial relationships. Overall, African-American students held more favorable attitudes towards interracial relationships than Caucasians, which is consistent with other findings. Respondents' perceived their families were not very accepting of interracial friendships or romantic relationships. Both African-Americans and Caucasians reported their families had equally negative views on interracial relationships. Worry about family reactions to interracial relationships may deter individuals from initiating and maintaining interracial relationships.

views on interracial relationships