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"The Falling Man": A man jumps from one of the Twin Towers attacked in New York City on 9/11 by al Qaeda terrorists under the leadership of Osama bin Laden. Although the jumper's identity is uncertain, he is believed to be Jonathan Briley. Briley worked on the top floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center. It was there, in the restaurant, that he decided to jump. He was an asthmatic and knew he would not survive when smoke began to pour into the restaurant. Approximately 200 jumped or fell to their deaths that fateful September morning.

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Think about the "scandals" for a moment. She was extremely cautious about her emails, as was Jeb Bush, who took over seven years to release all of his from his governorship of Florida. She presided over an administration that suffered a terrorist attack and lost an ambassador and some staffers, just like President George W. Bush presided over an administration that saw the Twin Towers attacked and thousands of Americans die on Sept. 11, 2001 in a terrorist attack. Hillary charges huge speaking fees, just like George W. Bush charged a group of disabled veterans $100,000 to speak at a fund raiser for those veterans injured in a war started by George W. Bush. Finally, Hillary is mixed up with a family foundation that takes money from unsavory and odious foreign regimes like the Saudi Arabians, just like the entire Bush family is mixed up with the Carlyle Group, which does much business directly with various members of the Saudi royal family. Notice how no one seems to get too riled up about the Bush family's issues, which are almost identical to those of Hillary. Is it because we should all know and expect Republicans like the Bush family to be scoundrels, but because Democrats are generally considered to be much more decent and honorable, Hillary should be called down for acting like a Republican and doing these things? Just what is the rationale for blaming Hillary while giving George W. and Jeb Bush passes?

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Spanish News Today - Remembering S-11 Twin Towers Terror Attack As to the kind of plane used in the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks, the most likely culprit would seem to be the Boeing 737. Compare of the South Tower aircraft and pictures of the South Tower plane below with the pictures of a Boeing 737 plane above and a Boeing 767 further below:

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2001. Labour Party re-elected with huge majority; Twin Towers attacked and destroyed in New York; Britain joins US in Afghanistan war; Nobel prize – V.S. Naipaul (UK)

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Brijesh Mishra holds a meeting with Tony Blair’s Jewish security adviser Sir David Manning in New Delhi on July 10, 2002. Manning was in New York on 9 11 and saw the Twin Towers attacked.”NAPLES, Italy -- It was one of those "where were you when you heard" moments in history; the Twin Towers attacked, reports coming out that the Pentagon had been hit, another plane reportedly hijacked.