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Recently Hosseini has been doing press tours for the Kite Runner movie. It was originally scheduled for release in October, but word of a scene portraying the homosexual rape of the young Hassan character caused a conservative backlash in Afghanistan. There were warnings that the two young lead actors and their families could face reprisal attacks.

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The casting process of The Kite Runner movie was started in June 2006 by the casting director, Kate Dowd, and her casting assistant and interpreter Mustafa Haidari with the help of Foundation for Culture and Civil Society in Kabul. During the two and half months of casting process, Kate and Mustafa have worked hard to find the two main characters of the movie, Amir and Hassan. They have started their search from the Afghan Film Actor's Association, to open calls of Schools, Orphanages, and training centers around Kabul.

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They have covered 10 main famous high schools including; Amani, Istiqlal, Habebia and many other local elementary and high schools. Meanwhile, they have also covered many orphanages such as Tahya-e-Maskan, Shashdarak, Alawudin as well as the non government orphanage of (Asheyana) which trains the street kids and receives it's fund from the foreign donors. In fact, they are the biggest orphanages in Kabul. Their priority was to find the two main heroes Amir and Hassan first and then the rest of the characters. As a result, they have auditioned almost 6,000 kids in order to find the Kite Runner heroes. Despite the hot days of summer in Kabul and searching for the characters school to school and orphanage to orphanage, Kate and Mustafa did a great job finding the new and fresh faces for the Kite Runner movie

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