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“The Death of the Moth,” written by Virginia Woolf, explains the brief life of a moth corresponding with the true nature of life and death. In this essay, Woolf puts the moth in a role that represents life. Woolf makes comparisons of the life outside to the life of the moth. The theme is the mystery of death and the correspondence of the life of the moth with the true nature of life. The images created by Woolf are presented that appeal to the eye. For instance, the moth’s body during the death is appealing to the eye. The image makes the reader more interested. The essence of true life is energy. As Woolf describes, “I could fancy that a thread of vital light became visible. He was little or nothing but life” (Woolf 427). The thread of vital light represents the energy.

Virginia Woolf, The Death of the Moth (1942) Cover design by Vanessa Bell.

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In the story "The Death of the Moth", Virginia Woolf illustrates the universal struggle between life and death. She portrays in passing the valiance of the struggle, of the fight of life against death, but she acknowledges as well the futility of this struggle. Virginia Woolf’s purpose in writing this passage is to depict the patheticness of life in the face of death, and to garner respect for the awesome power that death has over life.Death is a difficult subject for anyone to speak of, although it is a part of everyday life. In Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of the Moth”, she writes about a moth flying about a windowpane, its world constrained by the boundaries of the wood holding the glass. The moth flew, first from one side, to the other, and then back as the rest of life continued ignorant of its movements. At first indifferent, Woolf was eventually moved to pity the moth. This story shows that life is as strange and familiar as death to us all. I believe this story was well written and will critique the symbolism, characters, and the setting.