Project Title: Speech Writing and Presentation Preparation

COMM 5014: Speech Writing and Presentation Training
Writing and delivering written texts using rhetorical devices and dealing with communication apprehension in the delivery of presentations. How to encourage others to deliver speeches.

Speech Writing Pro: Learn essential speech writing and presentation skills for better communication

This might be nice to know, but it doesn't solve your problem: You are enrolled in a speech writing class and are expected to complete a speech writing and presentation assignment.

COM310W, Advanced Speech Writing and Presentation, 3

Speech Writing and Presentation/2-d edition. Speeches are frequently chosen as assignments for a variety of different classes. Communications classes, business classes, and English classes all utilize speech writing and presentation as a way to drive home the core material in the syllabus. Aside from traditional speeches, presentations are also assigned in just about every other type of course imaginable. Even science and mathematics classes may assign class presentations, and the preparation of these is not unlike preparing to give a speech. So, regardless of one’s major, the ability to speak well and deliver information in a public setting is important. These prompts can help you prepare to give a speech.


Introduction to Public Speaking is a class designed to focus on the fundamentals of speech writing and presentation. The students will be studying and practicing how to craft and deliver a speech for a specific audience, and how to overcome that dreaded stage-fright! The majority of classwork will be completed individually; however, certain steps of the writing process will be carried on through partner and small group work. In this class, we will be using several of the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.

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