brand grew 52% year over year across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Fotheringham, J. and Smyth, K. (2013) Student generated content: pedagogy and practice. Social media: challenges and opportunities for education in modern society, Social Media Research Papers, Vol.1, No.1. Lithuania: Mykolo Romerio Universitetas/ISTUS (Institutional Strategies Targeting the Uptake of Social Networking in Adult Education), pp. 5-8.

the total social media research papers published since 2004, the top 10 countries

For more interesting reading on this topic, you could read one of the thousands of psychology /social media research papers which are available free of charge via most libraries. ACM is a great source.

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a far greater coverage of social media research papers than Web of Science) Johnson is a respected businesswoman, small business owner and nationally recognized professional branding author and lecturer at UT Tyler. She has coauthored three books: Professional Brandicapped?, A New Brand You and !WONTUOTEG, a book that reveals clues to the personalities that can affect your professional brand and career. She is a frequently requested speaker at communication and leadership conferences and has presented professional branding and social media research papers to major academic associations including the American Business Communication and Academy of Human Resource Development.

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- What are the pros and cons with using social media