Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools

In order for us to understand the nature of Education in the United States. We will cull a lot of information form Jonathan Kozol's book, "Savage Inequalities"," in order to see how this has been done and what the effects of that type of education is to the black children of New York. Lord Acton wrote: "In a country where there is not distinction of class, a child is not born to the station of its parent, but with an indefinite claim to all the prizes that can be won by thought and labor.

I review the excellent book, Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools by Jonathan Kozol.

Farmer-Hinton, R., Lewis, J. D., Patton, L. D., & Rivers, I. (2013). Dear Mr. Kozol…Four African American women scholars and the re-authoring of ‘Savage Inequalities’. Teachers College Record, 115(5), 1-38


Kozol, Jonathan (1991). Savage Inequalities. New York: Crown Publishers. Savage Inequalities is some of the best power electronics to come out over the past decade, an entirely thrilling listen characterised by incredibly harsh noise and vocals. Peppered with it's uncompromising political agenda however, it is bound to alienate many listeners who simply cannot stomach it. I am of the opinion that if I were to only listen to artists with political views I agree with, however, I would have one lame taste in music.

Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools

This is an enthralling (and very sick) thrill in itself, however, the vocals are the real icing on this deeply infested cake. Brethren's delivery is characterised by being unaffected and completely venomous, lyrics dealing with his provocative views on race and equality. Whether it's reversing the message of an african-american song of freedom from the post-civil war in to something much more perverse and dangerous sounding (), to condemning homosexuals in Hail AIDS () every word feels completely sincere and Savage Inequalities is not for the light hearted or easily offended. A sample of a woman speaking at the beginning of Swarm of Ignorance discussing women who fight for female rights as "an embarrassment to the vagina" only goes further to antagonise those who hold liberal beliefs, Brethren's message to the world spelt loud and clear.

Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools Summary

"Anyone who visits in the schools of East St. Louis, even for a short time, comes away profoundly shaken. These are innocent children, after all. They have done nothing wrong. They have committed no crime. They are too young to have offended us in any way at all. One searches for some way to understand why a society as rich and, frequently, as generous as ours would leave these children in their penury and squalor for so long -- and with so little public indignation. Is this just a strange mistake of history? Is it unusual? Is it an American anomaly?"
For two years, Jonathan Kozol visited America's public schools, especially those in its large cities. He spoke with teachers, students, principals and superintendents, as well as with city officials, newspaper reporters and community leaders. The result of his work is the book Savage Inequalities, a searing expose of the extremes of wealth and poverty in America's public school system and the blighting effect it has on poor children.This is a video montage I made for my AP Language and Composition class. This video focuses on Jonathan Kozol's book, Savage Inequalities, specifically chapter 5: "The Equality of Innocence".

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