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Thank you, Alexis. My memoir is complete, but I’ve written a second one (co-written with/for somebody else) that still has a lot of cleaning up to do. I’ve got a proposal request for my memoir, but was thinking of sending both proposals. It did seem like the agent and I hit it off pretty well. Would you advise otherwise? Also, by chance, do you have a sample memoir proposal? I see the format/structure suggested all over the Internet, but I’d really like to see one to get a better idea of length and amount of detail.

This is a sample memoir project conducted in our Individualized Writing Course. You may also want to view our .

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Providence Smiled on Me, by Hubert Whitlock

Sample Memoir Essays On her web site, author provides sample memoir essays on topics ranging from Thanksgiving turkey to being a new teacher. Check out the one titled “Crayon Magic” for a particularly good example of this type of essay. She advises would-be memoir writers to read as many memoirs as they can, begin writing about their memories in any order they choose, and join a writers’ group specializing in memoirs.

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¯ choose from a variety of sample memoirs written by other students and important authors, students will choose one each day to read and for analyzing writing styles. A variety of samples will be presented to accommodate various reading levels. Read aloud and discuss samples in small groups. Formative Assessment. (2 pts)

Teen memoirs on a variety of experiences