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A resignation letter can help you maintain a crucial bridge in your working life. As a standard formality, the letter will not only ensure that you exit a given job on good terms, it will also turn that job into a positive reference and a possible option for re-employment if things do not pan out elsewhere. But between the hand-in of your notice and your final day on the job, be sure to cover the following tasks and acts of courtesy.

Here is a step-by-step resignation letter template for quitting your job.

Although it’s not always possible to leave a job on good terms, it is always better not to burn your bridges behind you – or at least attempt to put out the fire. Using a quality sample resignation letter can help ensure that some or all of your business contacts at your old job remain on good terms with you. It also means that, if a new employer later on calls your old place of business, they’re more likely to get positive information regarding your time there. There are countless stories floating around online about people at horrible jobs who quit in highly satisfying (and inflammatory) ways. While it may be oh so tempting to do just that, the use of a professional resignation letter template will serve you far better in your future endeavors.

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