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In research writing, "voice" can mean different things. If you mean "point of view," you usually have to hold back on it until you get to the end, or, the Discussion section of the paper, where you can interject your own interpretation. By contrast, in the earlier Introduction section, you focus mostly on Other People's Work (OPW) as you describe the state of the science as it has developed so far. However, if you define "voice" as communicating your intelligence by the strategic way you frame a problem, the sources you go to (the best and the newest), the questions you ask (socially relevant and timely), and the clear, insightful synthesis you offer, then you can do that from the beginning of your paper. The only parts of the "rules" that might frustrate your original thinking are remembering the fine points of formatting and citation (style for a book source vs. web site vs. article). Budget your brainpower and time, learn and polish formatting at the end of a writing day, after your best ideas are already down on paper. Or, consider automating part of this process with reference management software solutions like Endnote.

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