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I am a teacher and have a student who has come out and is very comfortable recognizing that she is gay, but struggles to realize that she can still have the loving relationship she always pictured. She is doing a research paper on gay rights and keeps stumbling on hate sights that tell her just mean ignorant things. I sent her this link to show her the other side.
I literally squealed at some of these pictures. The love just oozing out of my computer right now has made my whole day.

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Research papers can be written on any topic. You can choose any topic of your interest and you can write a research paper on it. There is no compulsion or anything in choosing a topic. There are some topics on which research paper writing is considered as controversial. Some people relate ethical issues on some topics. The topics like Gay Rights and Prostitute’s rights etc are considered as controversial. The research papers written on topics like Gay Rights are under question. Students who are interested in doing research on gay rights; face different kind of difficulties. There are few main complications enlisted below which students have to face while writing a research paper on Gay Rights:

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You know, things like marriage, adoption, discrimination, etc