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I am a medical assistant student at Bryant & Stratton College in Richmond, VA. I am doing a research paper on drug addiction and the effects it has on …

Research paper on drug addiction

So, if you have to write research papers about drug abuse, you may find more statistical data and include it into your paper. The information presented below can be useful for writing research papers about drug abuse as well as for research papers on drug addiction.

Myths and Facts about Drug Addiction

Myth 1. If you want drug treatment to be effective, you should want it

You may disapprove this myth in your research paper on drug addiction. Tell that virtually no one thinks of giving up drugs or wants to be treated. In order to prove this in your research paper about drug addiction, find real life examples of effective drug addiction treatment when a patient did not want it.

Myth 2. Drug addiction is mostly an inherited feature

Actually, drug addiction is a brain disease. When disapproving this myth in your research paper on drug addiction, say that every type of drugs has its own mechanism of changing the work of brain. Explain in your research paper on drug addiction how brain changes under the influence of a certain kind of drugs.

Myth 3. People who continue abusing drugs after treatment are hopeless

Experts assert that occasional relapse does not mean a failure yet. There are many factors calling desire to try drugs once again, and you can consider them in your research paper on drug addiction. However, recovery is a long process that requires quite a number of treatment attempts.

If you want to know how to make , read the article. You will probably need some for writing the research paper on drug addiction. You can also find them on our blog.

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Recently created in January 2015, the William L. White Student Scholarship is designed by the National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) to provide $1,000 to undergraduate students and $2,000 to graduate students who are pursuing a degree related to addiction or substance abuse counseling. Eligible candidates must be conducting addiction studies research in NASAC-accredited programs, have at least one full academic year remaining, carry a minimum GPA of 3.0, and have current NAADAC student membership. Applications need to include an unofficial transcript, three recommendations, and an APA-formatted research paper on addiction recovery systems.

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