Psychology of Purchasing Virtual Goods

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Why Buyers Buy - The Psychology of Purchase Decisions | InsightSquared

Being an analyst and also being a user I have tried to figure out all the aspects which work behind the psychology of purchasing. And after this I have realised that they are still governed by some ineffable features.

The psychology of purchasing behavior

Related to price is the mobile form factor that impacts the psychology of purchasing Motivated And Competent help people and organisations achieve personal and business growth by driving performance through a range of personal and business development learning services.

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the psychology of purchasing and selling


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The psychology of purchasing desserts is changing, Ms Harvey explained. “We know that there is a barrier to frequency of purchase when it comes to desserts that are perceived to be unhealthy. People are eating more yoghurt as a healthy alternative to puddings and in fact take it round to friends for dinner over wine.”

Price formatting is VERY important to the psychology of purchasing