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Students who have to prepare a good research paper on poverty are supposed to spend much time at the library and numerous web sites looking for trustworthy data on the topic, then analyze it professionally and draw wise conclusions. The problem of poverty is quite difficult for analysis, because it is a vast topic and students have troubles with its writing. The most common helper with problematic research paper writing is the Internet which provides young people with free examples of research papers on poverty and gives them the idea of proper paper writing.

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Nevertheless, the first image which appears when we hear the term “poverty” is Africa. In this part of the world poverty has reached its highest level. People starve, die from hunger, diseases and their existence is too far from normal. If you concentrate your attention to the investigation of this problem writing a research paper on poverty in Africa, you will realize the fearful impact of poverty on human life. A bit more difficult topic for analysis is poverty in well-developed countries. A research paper on poverty in America will be a good example of it.

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A new paper on poverty in Peru compares changes in income poverty and multidimensional deprivation over time using a new six-dimension multidimensional measure. The authors conclude that using monetary measures in isolation increases the risk of classifying individuals who suffer significant deprivations as non-poor.

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