MPUTC | General outline of research and organization of the Center

Two-page outline of research including a justification/explanation of why Keck funding is essential and why traditional support from federal agencies cannot be obtained.

General outline of research and organization of the Center

Upon receipt of the Director's approval of the outline of research, the student should return the signed permission form to the Undergraduate Coordinator, in Room 160 McNeil. The Undergraduate Coordinator will then enroll the student in Econ 199. Note: The Independent Study is done ONLY under the supervision of the Director of the Independent Study.

MPUTC | Outline of Research Projects

Outline of Research Priorities for Research in the Coffee Sector Project Description (8-pages maximum): The Project Description should articulate a vision for the proposed CREST Center that clearly outlines the research thrusts being addressed. The proposed research should be sufficiently complex, large-scale, and long-term to justify a center and flexible enough to permit change as the research proceeds. The proposed approaches must be innovative, and it must be clear how they will transform or significantly impact the research area. The Project Description must describe how the integration of research and education will advance the proposed research. A justification for the focus of the education programs and activities should be included and described in the context of current knowledge of teaching and learning. Include a description of the team members and why each is essential to the project plan (must not be more than 2 pages). In addition to an outline of research themes, some illustrative examples of specific research directions with sufficient detail to be evaluated by reviewers should be included. Results from Prior NSF Support should not be included. Links to URLs may not be used.

Outline of Research Priorities for the Coffee Sector

Outline of Research Center Establishment Plan