fall into a middle to upper-middle class income range

Though the numbers would need to be worked out, the easiest way to fund this is to eliminate the cap on income currently subject to the Social Security payroll tax while increasing the replacement rate for earnings in the middle class income range. Currently, Social Security only replaces 32 percent of income between $767 and $4,624 per month; something like 100 percent replacement for the first $2,000 in monthly income, and 50 percent for the next $2,000, would ensure more people a decent standard of living in their old age.

Middle Class Income Range

Running her numbers through CNN Money's "" tool, which looks at income by county, finds that the middle class income range for Santa Clara County, where Palo Alto is located, is $70 ,529- $112,385.

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Houses here range from the upper middle class income range to the wealthy range The loss of these well-paid manufacturing jobs in North Carolina’s textile industry may have resulted in families losing their homes and/or being forced to relocate to other areas of the country to find jobs. Taking lower paying jobs in their own communities may have resulted in families no longer being in the middle class income range. And, those who haven’t been able to find any work or only part-time work may have even dropped down to the poverty level.

and thus be located in the middle of the income range.

The marketplace sees polarising tendencies, with households at the lower-end of the middle class income range adapting to reduced budgets. At the other end of the spectrum is a wealthier, typically 65+, middle class segment with significant purchasing power. Value and “value for money” are key to attracting younger and those on reduced budget, while value-added products fit in with the needs of wealthier elderly consumers.

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