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Fotheringham, J. and Smyth, K. (2013) Student generated content: pedagogy and practice. Social media: challenges and opportunities for education in modern society, Social Media Research Papers, Vol.1, No.1. Lithuania: Mykolo Romerio Universitetas/ISTUS (Institutional Strategies Targeting the Uptake of Social Networking in Adult Education), pp. 5-8.

The internet has multiple resources for help on writing a media research paper

Media paper writing is just like a hard nut to crack for the students. You can observe even the best students
face many problems while writing a media research paper.

Mass Media Research Papers on Communication Technologies

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It was his driving force that encouraged his team to present many media research papers and win awards at international conferences like WAM, ESOMAR and ARF.

into their final mass media research papers

It can not be neglected that your media research writing is totally based on research sources, especially the most recent research sources. Most reliable and recent sources of research must be focused because your research is everything. It directly affects the quality of your media research paper writing. Not only online libraries and search engines can be very much helpful but also magazine, newspapers, and surveys are there to collect data. As the name indicates, multimedia is a form of media that uses different content form together, multimedia can be the combination of video, text, audio, interactivity, animation etc. Writing a can be quite daunting as you have to have a thorough knowledge about current multimedia trends in the market and all the relative information about them but deciding a multimedia research paper topic is the first thing you should be doing and for this, I am providing you with some effective topics.When you put your efforts to write any piece of writing, you must follow the accurate format; or else, your efforts will be good for nothing. So your media research paper format must be at the required level so that your professor feels happy to see your work. Now, here is the accurate format for your media paper writing.For more interesting reading on this topic, you could read one of the thousands of psychology /social media research papers which are available free of charge via most libraries. ACM is a great source.