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And companies manufacturing and marketing gadgets such as shavers and trimmers would have us believe that the trend is picking up in semi-urban and rural markets, too, with men getting rid of hair on their torsos and limbs.

: coupons, discount cards, samples, pens, marketing gadgets, pet treats, catalogs, menus, etc.

You can configure each marketing gadget to show only the activities or campaigns you want to view, and the number of Opportunities, Accounts, Business Contacts or Leads that came from each activity or campaign, or their actual costs, budgets, or expected revenue.

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Marketing gadgets are useful for giving you a quick look at how a particular marketing activity or campaign is succeeding. Comparisons between marketing activities and marketing campaigns are the main work of the marketing gadgets. To get the most out of these gadgets, you'll need to create detailed records for each marketing activity and campaign that you conduct. You can compare activities and campaigns by the numbers of Accounts, Business Contacts, Leads, or Opportunities that they yield, or by revenues, expenses, or budget amounts.

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This article describes how to create and use mass e-mail and direct mail print marketing activities. You will also find details on how to analyze the success of your marketing efforts, and how to use the reports and marketing gadget in Business Contact Manager for Outlook.

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Hi, and welcome to Marketing Gadgets.

Well here it is, "my blog", I never thought I'd
actually get round to doing this, but after reading
this well it was crazy
not to.

You see I figured if I've jumped on the band
wagon, and got myself a blog, then there must be
a way of making it a little easier.

I mean it's great writing about what's happening
and where online, but I figured I could just do with
something to make it less know, a little
more automated. So anyway I went and got myself

You see it's not that I don't like writing, but it saves
me so much time, I can then use that time to do other
useful things, like go shopping, play with my kids, go
out to lunch with friends, go see the family, you know
the useful stuff you do.

Now on with the story:

After realizing the true capabilities of these 2 products
together, well it got me thinking. You see, the one
thing that this system lacks is money. I mean if there's
going to be 1000's of people coming by to see what's
going on, then at least I should give them the best.

So that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to give you
the cream of the crop, the most profitable, and without
doubt, the best Marketing Gadgets, Marketing links,
Marketing information and more, right here.

We're taking Marketing to a new level, and if don't
keep up, you'll be left behind.

It's a new time online, changes are happening, and
there's money in "them old mines".

So what you waiting for? Go get a shovel and pick

All the Best

Ps...I know I'm a little biased, but "THIS THING ROCKS"
Not that the rest of our web site isn't meant to fun as well, but please spend a few minutes enjoying some of our online flash web games, shockwave games and interactive viral marketing gadgets, viral videos and branded promotional toys that iProduct's Edinburgh based digital marketing and web game programming team have put together!