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Prior to reading Langston Hughes Salvation, I defined sin as something that you have done wrong. But, in reading Langston Hughes essay, it used sin to mean something like not believing in god. So, my question is whether sin means the first, second or both of the definitions.

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Finally, I feel that no artists should be ashamed to bring their entire selves into the room. I do not mean biology I mean culture. Culture should never be apologized for, or made secondary to your humanity. (i.e. I am a playwright who happens to be Black.) If you question this, I refer you to the Langston Hughes essay the Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain. As George Clinton said, he would like his funk pure. French food tastes different when it is made by French hands in France. Additionally the causal study that most Americans have of Black life makes it impossible for most persons to interact honestly with the work, unless what you are trying to do is sell Black culture to non-Black people.

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