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The UNODC Human Trafficking First Aid Kit for Law Enforcement First Responders has been designed to support front-line officers who may come across cases of human trafficking in their daily work. It consists of a reader friendly booklet, contact sheets to note important local contact points for the referral of cases and victims, leaflets with Dos and Don'ts and posters.

A 3 page paper which examines the motivation behind human trafficking around the world. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

"Human trafficking in the U.S is a major issue that a lot of Americans are not aware of. Many have come to believe that this inhumane act only occurs in third-world countries but there are about 50,000 people trafficked a year in the U.S and this crime targets women and young girls from Central American and Asian countries and even runaways from the U.S. Americans need to know more about Human trafficking and spread awareness in order for these criminals to be caught and be punished to the full extent of the law.

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Human trafficking is the trade of human beings and their use by criminals to make money The international community has been tackling the problem of human trafficking since the early 1900s, when a 1904 international treaty banned trafficking in white women for prostitution -- the so-called white slave trade. In the mid-20th century, further international treaties were created to address this problem. For instance, in 1949, the United Nations, of which the United States is a member, signed an international treaty to suppress the sale of humans. More recently, in 2000, a total of 148 countries were signatories to an international treaty to prevent, suppress, and punish those who traffic in persons. This international treaty, known as the Palermo Protocol because it was signed by the various nations in Palermo, Italy, makes it a crime to recruit, transfer, harbor, or purchase a person for the purpose of any type of exploitation. It also makes the sale of organs a crime. The Palermo Protocol considers a victim's consent irrelevant, meaning that any person who is abducted, deceived, forced, or suffers other forms of coercion or initially agrees to be transported across borders shall be treated as a victim if she or he suffers any form of exploitation. The victims shall receive help to return to their country or city of origin and shall receive any medical, legal, or psychological assistance needed.

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This 9 page paper considers the statistics on human trafficking and the laws that have been enacted to address it in the US. The author argues that all forms of human trafficking should be punished equally. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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