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About 4000 years ago, the original Greeks came from central Europe and settled on the Greek peninsula. In about 1600 BC a great Greek civilization rose up. It was called the Mycenaean. Many of the Mycenaean rulers lived in grand palaces with wall paintings like the ones of earlier times discovered on the Aegean island of Crete. The lords of Mycenae were buried with gold masks that looked like themselves. They also buried some of the personal possessions with them, such as cups, rings, and dagger blades that showed scenes of war and hunting. The Mycenaens honored the strength and courage of lions, and two stone lions still proudly remain above the magnificent gateway of Mycenae.

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The body paragraphs will have pre-written intros which should tell us, in preferably 1 sentence, topic, perspective, result. Topic=like your thesis eg. Honesty is good Perspective=how our example attacks this thesis eg. when Sam cheated on his SAT. Result=should be quite significant eg. he received a zero, undermining his reputation and costing him a job at ArcelorMittal. Notice that this is rather specific. SAT loves details. Don't just say his reputation dipped. Write about his precise score, his personal and financial loses. It wasn't just any job offer. It was a job at the prestigious sounding ArcelorMittal. In the body, you will describe, specifically but concisely, what happened and the consequences. Now, use your predetermined transition for the next body paragraph. For me, I had two set transitions depending on the relationship between the two paragraphs. (eg. one for a similar perspective, one for a counterexample.) Use a counterexample. This is often best in your personal example because it's easier to make it up. Oh yes, by the way, you are making these up. No matter how much your tutor wishes for you to memorize Steve Job's memoir, you yourself will be able to come up with unique, impressionable examples which can be used universally. Why bother wasting your life and deciding which examples to use when you can make examples up on the spot. Of course, you will specifically look over CC's consolidated list of essay prompt archetypes and generate a suitable example which fits every one. Eg. The sample ancient Greece essay on CB can be very universal. You will usually end up talking about a Greek general/ruler if it's a prompt like "is honesty good." A general can also notice the "little details" or have guidance from "experienced elders." You get the point. Repeat this process with your 3 examples, not forgetting to prepare for "technological progress" which stumps ancient Greece. However, I find that there are no exceptions like technology if you play your cards right.

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Greek art essay is a specific type of art essay that focuses only on Greek art and architecture. Basically, Greek art essay can be written according to the same guidelines and techniques that are used when writing a regular art essay paper. However, one has to understand that Greek culture is completely unique, thus, it requires a lot of research and understanding of the topic but not merely a certain sculpture or painting.

Mayans versus greeks essay powerpoint