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Kuhn and Shen hold that explicitly discriminatory actions, such as posting a job ad which states that a particular race or gender is preferred,5 is both legal and accepted in many of the world's labor markets (explicit advertised gender discrimination is commonplace). The share of ads favoring men versus women is roughly equal: when it is legal to express gender preferences in job ads, a significant share of employers uses gendered ads to solicit women as often as men (as a job's skill requirements rise, the share of ads stipulating a preferred gender declines). There is no strong relationship between a firm's size and its propensity to gender target its job ads. A majority of the variation in advertised discrimination occurs within firms. Chinese employers' preference for men relative to women increases strongly with a job's experience requirements.

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It’s called “The Unmarked State.” Men get the ads for everyone, because men have the default gender. Women get the gendered ads, because they have the exceptional gender. Welcome to the Patriarchy.

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Associate Instructor, G205: Gendered Ads, Media Fads, and Global Consumerism, Spring 2011 Despite some gender-specific marketing, it turned out that the majority of video advertisers preferred non-gendered ads. Only 19 percent of internet video ads were targeted for women and 7 percent specifically for men, meaning close to three fourths of all online advertising efforts were meant for all genders.

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But how effective is pinking? A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research showed that gendered ads about breast cancer, aimed at raising awareness (pink font, female faces), might in fact lower a woman’s perception of her risk compared to neutral, pink-free ads. Researchers speculated that when a woman is presented with a threat to her identity – i.e., as a woman – a defence mechanism kicks in that prevents her from clearly processing what’s communicated.

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