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“The subtle implications of gender roles in commercials can influence self concept and future goals, particularly in the case of males. Although effects in the study were presumably temporary, one must keep in mind that individuals watch millions of commercials over the course of their lifetime,” Hooper said.

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The use of gender roles in commercials and in the media are imbedded subconsciously in the minds of the mass public. As women have become more self-sufficient in their everyday lives, their dependency from males and gender stereotypes have been changing drastically. The mentality of many people has been changing as well, and as these transformations have become more evident in today’s society, the target audience of commercials have required adjustments to its appeal. Commercials have recently been changing its outdated gender stereotypes and are appealing to a more modernized society. However, there are still many stereotypes that are evident in many people's minds and primetime commercials remain to be mixtures between old stereotypical views and new outlooks toward gender.

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While changes in gender roles over time do affect ..