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Then comes “Harmonies of the Evening,” the eleventh of Liszt’s twelve “Transcendental Etudes.” Liszt reworked these etudes three times: he originally composed them when he was fifteen, revisited them at age 26, adding the poetic titles, and then at age 41, he edited them once more and published them. During this time, French Romantic poets from Victor Hugo to Baudelaire sought spiritual awareness in the tangible, natural world, particularly through using the literary theme of soleil couchant (sunsets). Participating in this zeitgeist of sunset obsession, Liszt passed over all their metaphors by recognizing in his music a tangible realization of the spiritual transcendence they were trying to capture.

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In his lifetime, Chaucer's best known and most well-received work was , a story of two star-crossed lovers in Troy that fall upon misfortune through the insufficiency of language to convey their love for one another. Modern audiences, however, know Chaucer best for his unfinished poem , which chronicles a group of pilgrims journeying to Canterbury Cathedral. The pilgrims agree to entertain themselves along the journey by telling each other tales; each agrees to tell two tales on both legs of the journey. Unfortunately, Chaucer completed only 24 tales before his untimely death. The 24 Tales with which we are left, however, are exemplary in their discussion of genre, authorship, reader-response, and concern with dissemination of written material. Within each of the tales, Chaucer explores a variety of issues and constructs the tales in ways that are influenced by various Continental authors, specifically Dante, Boccacio, and French romantic poets. Although other English poets from the medieval period are integral to the study of English literature, Chaucer stands as a beacon of cross-cultural literary identity, and his works and translations are an integral moment in the rise of the English literary tradition.

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Marceline Desbordes-Valmore is numbered among the finest French Romantic poets Cannabis: a History is a similar patchwork: never less than solid, but more enlightening on some aspects of the story than others. Booth's account of the plant's early history of use, from neolithic China to medieval Sufism, Rabelais to the French Romantic poets, is functional but rather tentative; as with his previous history of opium, his step becomes firmer once he reaches the 20th century and his home territory of the politics of interdiction, smuggling and organised crime.

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There is no English edition of Lamartine's poetry. For his life see Henry Remsen Whitehouse, The Life of Lamartine (2 vols., 1918), and Mark Gambier-Parry, Studies of Childhood and Youth (1925). Recommended for background is Robert T. Denommé, Nineteenth Century French Romantic Poets (1969), which has an especially interesting chapter on Lamartine.

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