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Lars Eighner (b. 1948) Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Eighner was two when his parents divorced and he and his mother, a teacher of the deaf, moved to Houston. He became a student at the University of Texas in 1966 but dropped out after three years and took a job as a counselor in a drug-crisis center in Austin. In 1979, he was hired as an attendant at Austin State Hospital but lost his job after quarreling with his supervisor. Unable to support himself by writing stories, he was finally evicted from his Austin home and became a homeless itinerant. By 1990 Eighner, who has described himself as "a homosexual pornographer," had many stories published in obscure gay publications. In 1991, he became more widely known when the published two of his essays on homelessness. The publication in 1993 of , an account of his three years of homelessness, was widely and enthusiastically reviewed. He is the author of two collections of stories, and (both 1993), as well as (1995). Eigner now lives with Lizbeth, his dog, in an apartment in Austin, Texas.

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