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In November 1959, John Howard Griffin (1920–1980) darkened his skin and traveled through the Deep South as a black man: looking for work, places to eat, places to use the rest room. Two years before Griffin began his historic journey through the South, he had been interviewing Southern Blacks about the growing suicide rate. Many refused to answer his questions and told him that the only way he would learn what he wanted to know was to wake up in their skin. Thanks to a newly developed drug, a sun lamp, some stain, and a shaved head, Griffin did just that. Without changing anything else about himself, he experienced the life of a "tenth-class" citizen. From April through September 1960, Griffin’s account appeared as installments in Sepia magazine as "Journey Into Shame." By June, he had received 6,000 letters from people throughout the South—and almost none were abusive. the complete record of Griffin’s journey, immediately became a best-seller, came out in paperback the following year, and was soon translated into many languages. In 1964, Hollywood produced a film version starring James Whitmore. Griffin’s book and his many articles and essays about racism merited him several humanitarian awards, including the second Award. What Griffin thought would be a short digression from fiction-writing led to a decade of lecturing and further research that continued into the Civil Rights and Black Power movements.

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Baldwin's first novel, the autobiographical (1953), is probably his best known. It is the storyof a14-year-old youth who seeks self-knowledge and religious faith ashe wrestles with issues of Christian conversion in a storefrontchurch. Other important Baldwin works include (1962), a novel about racial issues and homosexuality, and (1961), a collection of passionate personalessaysabout racism, the role of the artist, and literature.

Racism Today There is an underlying problem that is promoting racism