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What is surprising to me is that this book has been a "source" for many articles and monographs about Manse Jolly. I have seen supposedly historical accounts that reference in the footnotes as the source of information! Mance Holley? - I wonder what part of the word 'fiction' these writers don't understand? This would be akin to my writing a historical article or essay on the Civil War and quoting the fiction novel (by Michael Shaara) as my factual source. Now falls into the 'historical fiction' category of literature. Good historical fiction like the Civil War novels by Michael and Jeff Shaara are based on actual persons and events with dialogue and incidents 'invented' by the authors. Unfortunately falls out of that category and in my opinion should be classified as 'historical speculation'. It certainly should not appear in footnotes as a source unless specifically identified as fiction.

I will admit that the book is interesting and the author makes a lot of witty and entertaining dialogue. Read the book but keep in mind that it is a work of pure fiction. A better fictional account by an author who has spent many years researching the life and times of Manse Jolly is by Wilton Earle.

Those who are interested in the the facts about Manse Jolly should consult (Vol. 2, 1982) by Elmer Don Herd, former history professor at Lander College, SC. The chapter on Manse Jolly "Unreconstructed Rebel" is about 50 pages of well researched material. I consider it to be the most historically accurate account available.

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"Voltaire, writing in English in his Essay on the Civil War in France (1727), spoke of 'Sir Isaac Newton walking in his Garden had the first thought of his System of Gravitation, upon seeing an Apple falling down from the Tree'. He repeated the story in his better known and more accessible 1733 Letters concerning the English Nation (Voltaire, 1980) although in this work he spoke not of an apple but of 'fruit falling from a tree'. Voltaire's source was probably Catherine Barton. The final early source was Robert Greene, on the authority of Martin Folkes, in his Philosophy of the Expansive and Contractive Forces (1727)."

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WB: I did talk about that in an essay on the Civil War. The South is a region, but mainly in the political sense. Geographically, ecologically, even historically, the South has many regions. Kentucky has many regions. But that won’t tell you how to farm. What we’re talking about is adapting the farming to the farm, and to the field. . . . John Todd wrote a sentence that has mattered immensely to Wes Jackson and me: “Elegant solutions will be predicated on the uniqueness of place.” One of the wonders of modern agriculture is that agricultural science—like all other science—is founded on evolutionary biology, which sees local adaptation as an absolute necessity for every species, but we have we managed to exempt the human species.

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