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Michael Tonry polemically titled his essay on racial discrimination in the U.S

As if on cue, two months after Piketty's book, Ta-Nehisi Coates published his powerful essay on racial discrimination in the June issue of the Atlantic. Though not intended as an addendum to Capital, it proved to be a useful one. In the piece, Coates frames centuries of discrimination against African Americans as a story of wealth stolen or denied. Retracing 250 years of ugly US history, he inventories the many ways blacks have been suppressed economically, and sometimes violently: slavery, Jim Crow, predatory lending scams, barriers to advancement both legal and de factoof astonishing variety. Government programs that gave white families a leg up, he reminds us, either excluded or shortchanged African Americans, from Social Security's omission of agricultural and domestic workers (among whom blacks were overrepresented) to the Home Owners' Loan Corporation's redlining of black neighborhoods during the New Deal. Any serious push for economic justice in the United States, Coates asserts, must take the different experiences of the races into account.

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Michael Tonry polemically titled his essay on racial discrimination in the U.S. criminal justice system "Malign Neglect", in order to denounce the fact that advocates of "law and order" policies do not care about the negative impact on U.S. society of these policies, which worsen black discrimination. In Tonry's view, the negative effects of criminal policies in the 1980s were culpably underestimated by a ruling class looking for legitimacy. Policies were chosen consciously ignoring their discriminatory consequences.

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