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Like any other kind of academic papers, essays on human trafficking should be well structured. So, keep to the following structure when writing your own human trafficking essay:

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It is hard to imagine that in the modern world, so democratic and humane, people can be treated like slaves or almost like slaves. Yet, it is a reality, and millions of people face it.

Human trafficking is a serious and acute problem, and it is the topic of your next written assignment. Have you decided how to complete it? Do you know what to write about in your essay on human trafficking and what points to include?

If you are stuck a little, check prompts for writing good essays on human trafficking.

Essays on human trafficking: starting off

Like any other essay, it is better to start your human trafficking essay with general facts and background info. In the introductory paragraph, you may present statistics, explain the causes of the problem, etc.

Essays on human trafficking: developing

In the body paragraphs of your human trafficking essay, you should pass to specific details and issues related to the problem. For instance, discuss major trafficking sources or countries that “supply” people. Or, explain in your essay on human trafficking the main reasons why people are being trafficked and focus on one of them, e.g. sexual exploitation, forced labor, etc.

If you choose this way of completing essays on human trafficking, it will be a kind of general discussion of the problem, but your paper may be more concrete. Write a on human trafficking. The gist of this essay type is to suggest concrete solutions to the problem. So, investigate them and explain how the problem of human trafficking can be solved.

We also suggest you read our tips for writing , which can help you come up with ideas for your paper.

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How do I write an introduction for an argumentative essay on Human Trafficking Writing a good essay on human trafficking is always a challenge; it demands a lot of effort, especially if you want to do it by yourself. Below are some tips which will help you to make your essay remarkable and unique.

An essay or paper on "Human Trafficking: The New Era of Slavery"

Take, for instance, a student who is writing an essay on human trafficking. Human trafficking—abducting or entrapping people (usually women and children) and subjecting them to horrific working situations—should be a subject that is already fraught with emotion. However, once the student starts working on the paper, he notices that he has a collection of facts and figures from which the audience will easily be able to disconnect. What the needs is to make the topic come alive for the reader. He needs to make the reader feel sympathy and horror. Then he comes upon a first-person account of a teenager who was trafficked into the United States. By incorporating her account into his essay (with proper citation, of course), he allows the reader to experience the teenager's disbelief and fear. And by experiencing this emotion, the reader begins to develop his or her own emotional response: sympathy, horror, and anger. The student has helped the reader connect to his argument through the effective use of pathos.

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