Nourishing the Roots: Essays on Buddhist Ethics

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Essays on Buddhist Ethics", by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Essays On Buddhism Other than sporadic references and short essays on Buddhist missionaries that went to West Asian cities, several centuries after the passing away of the Buddha, there was no major research done on this subject of Buddha’s teachings beyond the Indian sub-continent during the very lifetime of the Buddha.

Lewis, Sanders, Cato, essay on buddhism The Wall Street Journal pp

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Buddhism is both a world religion and a philosophical teaching. Everything depends on how you define these two notions.

The number of Buddhism followers increases every day (today there are more than a billion of them). If you know something about Buddhism, you must have heard the name Gautama Buddha, who is considered the father of Buddhism.

Many students can be assigned to write papers on Buddhism during their studies. Some of them can easily pick out topics for their papers on Buddhism, but some of them may need help.

Now let us talk about possible ideas that you may disclose in your papers on Buddhism, to be more precise, in essays on Buddhism.

It is very important to underline in your essays on Buddhism that this religion has undergone some changes in the course of time. Naturally, this religion is based on Buddha’s teachings. However, after his death the life principles offered by Buddha were mixed up with many local rituals and customs. It was the main thing to cause numerous splits in this religion, and it gives you more ideas to consider in essays on Buddhism.

You can also write about the branches of this religion in your essays on Buddhism. There are three of them:The final part, 'Buddhism facing New Challenges', starts with an essay by Judith Simmer-Brown on women in Buddhism that is free from the failings in Wetzel's piece. Christopher Queen, a major scholar in the field, gives a good account of the development of socially engaged Buddhism. And Franz Aubrey Metcalf's essay on the encounter of Buddhism and psychology is a wake-up call to those involved in this area. Showing the strong tendency of western culture to 'powerfully [appropriate] Buddhism as psychology', he urges further research so that 'the encounter between psychology and Buddhism avoid[s] diminishing Buddhism in the West'. Ian Harris's historical essay on Buddhism and art is also of interest.