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This is an essay about poverty and neglect of the urban poor. I wrote it shortly after the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, and it originally appeared in the June 1992 issue of a zine called .

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An old joke describes a rich person who claims to have grown up surrounded by poverty—the maid was poor, the butler was poor, the chauffeur was poor and the gardener was poor. The joke dates to at least 1944, when the daughter of a wealthy movie producer in Hollywood was assigned to write an essay about poverty. She wrote:

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“Another high profile hoax involved an essay about poverty by Linda Walther Tirado Linda Tirado is in the final stages of securing a book deal based on her essay about poverty that went viral in November, Tirado and her agent, Mollie...

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Abbot Nicholas and Ben Mann from Holy Resurrection Monastery have written a very good essay about poverty, beauty, and tradition. We highly recommend it. Beauty and Tradition in the “Church of the Poor” April 27, 2015 It would be a mistake to identify Pope Francis with a stripped-down, secularized style of worship – and a still-greater mistake, to see Christian […]

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