Nowadays climate change is the biggest problem of the human being

In a personal statement essay about climate change and the dangers that it poses, for example, you could point to many different phenomena in terms of personalizing the essay so that it can set you apart. If you live or vacation in the mountains, you could point to the disappearing glaciers you have seen; if you live or have traveled to an arid region, you could cite the water restrictions. If the local economy in your area has been affected by "green" initiatives and organizations, by all means offer the details, because it is these details that have changed your environment and made this issue important enough to you to address in your personal statement.

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24. Mention something you’re working on, and ask for an opinion? “I’m working on an essay about climate change. What are your thoughts about it?”

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Maybe there'll be another essay about climate change further down this page These studies suggest that a reframing of climate change would be extremely beneficial to the cause. Another study in 2010 tested people’s reaction to an essay about climate change framed as a public health issue. The study used the six segments—global warming’s six Americas—and found clear evidence that the alarmed and concerned segments responded positively to the essay, mixed evidence that the cautious and disengaged responded positively, and no evidence that the doubtful responded positively. All segments shared the belief that good health is a great blessing. Reframing climate change does not suggest the new framework will immediately engage all members of society. However, a human health framework localizes the issue. It takes it from the abstract and helps people make connections to the issues they already know. This new framework allows people to connect climate change with “already familiar problems such as asthma, allergies, and infectious disease experiences in their communities, while shifting the visualization of the issue away from remote arctic regions, and distant peoples and animals.” Essentially, public health brings climate change out from the wild, and into the home.

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Blake, 58, has spent more time on two or three wheels than four since getting hip to the threat of global warming 46 years ago when he read "No More Ice Ages," Isaac
Asimov’s prescient essay about climate change. "From that time on I’ve tried to make as small an impact as possible on the environment," Blake tells us.

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