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The drinking age should stay at 21!!!! When you are younger than 17-20 You are pretty much "new to the world." Ages 17-15 you are getting ready to go out into the "new world." So if people 21 and above kill people everyday because of drinking and driving, what would it be like to give teenagers (who have just learned to drive) alcohol, plus that fact that texting while driving is has a greater percentage than under the influence drivers(don't believe me look it up!!!) and the age group I said before 15 and above text and drive the most. So no, the drinking age should not be lower we would just have accidents everyday.

In this opinion piece, President Robert A. Corrigan says the legal drinking age should stay at 21.  8/29/08

Whether you believe these statistics are a pure coincidence or not, it definitely warrants a discussion about the current drinking age. Do you think America's legal drinking age should stay at 21?

have lower adult and college binge drinking rates

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POV: Legal Drinking Age of 21 Works

That proposal is ridiculous. The drinking age should stay at 21. Arguments supporting the change can be easily refuted and many health benefits exist from refusing to sell alcohol to teenagers.

The minimum legal drinking age of 21 is controversial, ..