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Well, I think that all cultural forms of activism need to be understood historically, as dynamics of power that shift and become something new, but also because we need to attend to the ways in which historical forms of power continue to be crucial in how we structure our lives and our politics. This is important because history matters—in my work I try, in every chapter, to historicize the specific brand culture I’m examining, so that we can see how there are cultural dynamics that seem quite new and different share similarities with historical processes and patterns. At the same time, there is something shifted at this moment, for some of the reasons I’ve detailed here: the rise of commodity activism, the difference between commodification and branding, the way consumers interact on multiple media platforms, etc. So with the Dove case, the RealBeauty campaign, it is the case that the company encouraged a sort of “co-production” with consumers, and did call attention to the exclusionary (and often racist and classist) norms of beauty culture.

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The Red Dove is a subtile emphasis of a patent law teaching well known to the international patent community. A case referred to in patent literature as "Red Dove" was decided by the German Federal Court (BGH). In the Red Dove case an applicant wanted to get a patent granted for the breeding process of Red Doves which included human intervention to select the birds. The judgement affirmed a natural forces teaching to define the scope of patent law. The judgement refers to controllable forces of nature without human intervention.

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YouTube Marketing: Dove Case Study and Video Tips The arrest in the Dove murder came less than a week before Cleveland police apprehended 52-year-old Ariel Castro for kidnapping and holding captive for more than 10 years three young women in his Cleveland house. The sensational news surrounding that case, which captured international headlines, overshadowed the Dove case.

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The turtle dove case is the largest incident to have hit Europe so far – in Sweden 50 jackdaws were found dead. Italian officials said they expected results from the tests on Monday.

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