Exhibit 10: Course Reflection Paper

The School Health and Safety Course challenges students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to on-line reflections to assigned readings; creation of critical questions specific to assigned readings; and to the a final course reflection paper specific to a student selected child/youth risk behavior. Content relates to:

Data were collected through interviews, a course reflection paper, and open-ended survey questions

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How to Write a Student Course Reflection Paper

Journal #9 (Course Reflection Paper) Prompt What is the Supporting Course Reflection paper?
You must complete the Supporting Course Reflective Paper before the hours can be counted towards the Certificate. You will complete this paper and turn it in at the end of the semester while taking LDR 4105, but you are also encouraged to turn it in early.

Course Reflection Paper (due Fri 5/16) – 5% of final grade

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Anonymous quote from a course reflection paper: “I realized that

"I hope I will always be able to conjure those particular feelings within myself to approach problems; there is no better motivation than believing in the realness of a situation," wrote a student in a course reflection paper assignment. "I think this course is quite an encouragement in the fight against daunting challenges like HIV/ AIDS because it models the winning approach, the approach from all angles."