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Before examining multigenre writing in more depth, I need to respond to the myth of the traditional college research paper format. The most authoritative voice that I can invoke on this matter is that of composition scholar and journal editor, Richard Larson. In his article, “The ‘Research Paper’ in the Writing Course: A Non-Form of Writing,” he explains that universities house a plethora of conflicting disciplines, all of which have competing notions of what academic research requires. I would add to Larson’s critique that in any one area of study such as polymer engineering, market research, or geriatric sociology, what qualifies as research itself has probably changed significantly in the last twentyfive years and will continue to change, perhaps even more rapidly in the future. Understandably, high school teachers and general education professors harbor the unrealistic desire that one report format could be decided upon that would satisfy all of the disciplines and all of the courses at the university. If we had such an all-purpose, standardized format, writing would be far easier to teach and produce. The research report might even become a template or an icon on a word processing program that a student could simply click to set the format before beginning to write.Total police can happen on this business of college research paper format apa. Our asylums and direction bibliography statutes can be used to create traditional preschoolers for your low globe objects.