Wednesday, March 4 Origins of the Cold War and Containment

Unless the United States is willing to play second fiddle to China in the Asia-Pacific area, containment appears to be the only alternative. China’s effort to divide and conquer and weaken ASEAN cohesion in order to push out the United States may have an unintended consequence of isolating China and reviving the Cold War and containment.

Cold War and containment policy including The Truman Doctrine and the Vietnam

Abstract : The cold war and containment of Soviet expansion have been the defining events for strategists since World War II. In this address, Professor Gaddis examines the relevance of American cold war strategy to the collapse of European and Soviet communism. He describes three factors that were decisive to the success of containment as grand strategy. The first was the role of ideas. Western political and economic philosophers were vastly superior to state dominated, scientific socialism in mobilizing loyalty, productivity, and releasing the creativity of the human spirit. Second, the role of nuclear weapons, even though costly, deployed in excessive numbers, and responsible for prolonging the cold war, did stabilize the conflict, allowing time for the triumph of Western ideas and values. Finally, the role of leadership and strategic vision, even though often unrecognized, was decisive at critical periods.

Week 2 – The (Cultural) Cold War and Containment

domestic) of the Cold War and containment policy, including the following: Vietnam California History-Social Science Standard 11.9: Students analyze U.S. foreign policy since World War II. Trace the origins and geopolitical consequences (foreign and domestic) of the Cold War and containment policy, including the following: . . . The Vietnam War.

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POLS 170. U.S. Foreign Policy (4) An examination of the major developments in American foreign policy and various analytical approaches to their study. Among the issues considered: isolationism; manifest destiny; the Cold War and containment; Vietnam and Central America; detente and arms control; foreign economic policy; and human rights. Prerequisite: POLS 041.

Containment is a military strategy to stop the expansion of an enemy