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A Professional Writing degree from SUNY Cortland opens the doors to a range of exciting careers in writing, editing, journalism, web design, publishing, business communication, marketing, and technical, medical, or scientific writing. Our Professional Writing degree is intended to prepare students to pursue careers in an emerging by providing them with strong technical foundations and communication skills, while also helping them realize their creative potential. College graduates who are confident and well-trained communicators have an edge over their peers in the job market. Majoring or minoring in Professional Writing can give you this important advantage as you move from college into your professional life.

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An English Department is an excellent place to hone your skills and build your expertise to pursue careers in writing, editing, and media. In a 2012 survey, students in each of our MA concentrations identified writing/editing/publishing as a potential career interest. Recent graduates of the MA program report job titles such as writer, media producer, editor, associate editor, copy editor, and tech media publishing. To prepare yourself for these professions, you’ll want to seek opportunities during your MA in these domains, whether in pursuing editorial projects for courses, engaging with issues of writing and publishing, or working with digital media platforms. Speak to your graduate advisers and professors about how you might integrate these pursuits into your courses, projects, or research work.

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Careers in Writing and Journalism Freelance writing is also widely known in the print media. Proficient freelance writers can have the opportunity to write for chief newspaper and magazine companies. The scope of freelance writing encompasses the whole task performed by a freelancer for a company, in the convenience of his/her own house. From writing to proofreading and editing, these tasks are included in the scope of the job of a freelancer. It can have lots of advantages and also several disadvantages. One of the primary advantages is the flexible working hours. A career in freelance writing can give people choices to do jobs at their own preferred periods. Oftentimes, freelancers have major control of their work period as they can choose to do their freelance job in the morning or also at night, for a few hours or for long periods. It can be quite convenient and hassle free since they don’t have to dress up in formal suits to go to the workplace or endure traffic jams just to get to the company. They can also work anywhere they prefer as long as there is Internet connection and most importantly, as long as they can submit the work to the employer on time. Through freelance writing, people can also do multitasking activities or do several other tasks. However, for some people, freelance writing can just be a sideline or extra job if they prefer not to work full time as a freelancer. There are main disadvantages in working as a freelance writer such as lack of fringe benefits, company healthy insurance and especially, retirement benefits.

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This sector covers both creative and more technical forms of writing. On the creative side, you may wish to consider a career in scriptwriting or travel writing.

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