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Capstone papers have become all the rage in academic circles over the past few decades. It used to be that only scientific researchers or business people working on new projects would complete a capstone paper. They were used to summarize a project, explain the reasons behind its existence, and demonstrate either the success or failure of the theories tested. The format has proven to be useful in the academic world though, now, and recent years have seen a wide spread of capstone projects used as teaching methods.

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Within the context of the departmental and program mission statements, this course serves as the final project for the MPA program. The course is intended to provide a synthesis of all previous coursework and professional and/or internship experience directed toward the production of a professional administrative or policy analysis paper. The Master of Public Administration Capstone Project is the culmination of a student's academic experience. Students work on a 300 hour internship and then use the internship experience to write a Capstone paper addressing management or policy issues that were identified during the internship experience. Students work closely with both faulty and practitioner committee members in the design and delivery of the projects.

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