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This goal’s challenge level depends on how paper towel dependent you are. Some people use paper towels for everything. If this is you, this challenge, no doubt, will be tough at first. Personally, giving up paper towels was a semi-easy challenge for my household, but not without hiccups. I was raised with cloth napkins so I had experience with cloth vs. disposables, but paper towels were present in my household growing up and once I lived on my own, I auto-pilot bought them, just like everyone else I knew. I used them for a lot of stuff, cleaning especially. By the time my son was born I had started seriously upping my green living game, and paper towel use started to seem like a huge problem. I cut back on paper towels or would buy recycled paper towels but I didn’t really give them up right away. This in mind, I can say that giving up paper towels isn’t the easiest green goal I ever achieved, but it wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be.

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When buying paper lanterns on eBay, it is important to thoroughly read the item listing to find out if the lighting unit is provided, or if it needs to be purchased separately. If you are unable to find this information, you can simply contact the seller via the eBay interface and ask them before you commit to the purchase. Most sellers will respond promptly to any questions.

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In his deposition, Pollina said he had one of his employees buy the paper clips at Staples, and then he sterilized them at his office. Contact your company’s paper suppliers and ask about environmentally preferable alternatives to products you are currently buying. The specifications below provide a useful guide when speaking to suppliers. When buying paper, first look for the highest percentage of postconsumer recycled content available (30–100 percent for most office papers). Then ensure that any remaining virgin wood fiber content has been harvested legally and more sustainably by looking for products certified by the .

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If you’re giving up paper towels, you’re going to need an arsenal of other solutions to take their place. If you have nothing to substitute for paper towels, and a mess happens, you’ll get frustrated and you’ll be running to the store for paper. Before you quit buying paper towels, make a list of EVERYTHING you use paper towels for and then stock up on alternative options such as:

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