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There are many telling moments and insights. On her first weekend break, temporarily back in civilian life, she's still questioning her decision, loath to return to the hell of Academy discipline; weeks later, on another break, she's in a bar with friends and realises she's developed a new-found appreciation for Sandhurst and for the Army's merits – including a moral framework that the City lacked. And she doesn't gloss over the "re-engineering" aspects of her experience: researching an essay on leadership, she studies mind-control techniques used by cult leaders, some elements of which – sleep deprivation and fatigue, dress codes, verbal abuse, confusion, and time-sense deprivation – "rang with sinister familiarity".

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Are you a student that has been tasked with the assignment of writing an essay on leadership Are you a student that has been tasked with the assignment of writing an essay on leadership? Do you want to find an interesting topic to write your essay about? Are you trying to stand out among the rest of your classmates? There are literally tons of topics that you can choose in order to write an interesting paper on the subject matter of leadership. You will want to include some classic elements, as well as some cutting edge elements in your paper in order to appeal to a wider audience of readers. You will be able to catch the attention of your professor if you go out on a limb and exercise creative license with your leadership essay topic. Some really excellent topics for an essay on leadership include:

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If you have to write an essay on leadership, the topic that you choose is the most important part. Once you have chosen a compelling and interesting topic to write about when it comes to leadership, you will then have to follow the basic guidelines of an expertly written essay. Some of the most important elements to a perfectly written essay include:

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