Note that an American resume should never be longer than one page. If you need additional space, you might include extra pages in your application (i.e. ‘Main achievements’ or ‘Technical skills’). The resume itself, however, should give a brief overview of your person which can be scanned at a glance. Remember: time is money in the U.S., and many employers have to scan hundreds of applications to find the right person for the job. Another difference between America and Europe is that Americans do not put their photos or state their marital status on their resume.

Now, as to what is correct in an American resume, the answer is "yes".

The main feature of the American resume is the objective and/or goal of your career. Clear, precise and operational “Career Objective” should use short and punchy sentences filled with . It contains information about the function, the level of responsibility and the type of enterprise you would like to work for.

Guidelines for writing American Style resume

A slightly different approach to teaching BSMP students how to write an American resume. . Use the word processor's spell and grammar checker. If you are not confident of your ability to detect grammatical, punctuation and English or other language usage errors or if you need help in organizing your American resume, send it to a professional for assistance.

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Start your American resume with your name, address and e-mail address. Often resumes are kept on file for long periods, so any contact details you give have to remain accurate in the long term. A daytime phone number, with the international access code, are most important ones.

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Before you begin applying for Jobs in the United States, you should prepare an American style resume. A Resume is different than a CV. American resumes follow a specific format different to what we use in Ireland. This is very important because if your resume does not follow a format the hiring manager is used to, he or she may view it as poorly prepared. Remember even the best CV in Ireland may not be appropriate for an employer in the US.For example, American resumes are usually only 1 page, and an applicant’s age, date of birth, marital status, race and religion are never included.Limit the length of your resume to one page, single-sided. Create your resume on 8.5 x 11 inch paper with 0.5 - 1 inch margins on all sides. This is the standard size for an American resume. If you are sending your resume via post, print it on quality paper that is the same colour as your cover letter. Do not include personal information such as age, gender, height, weight, marital status, photos, etc. It is illegal for U.S. employers to make employment decisions based on certain attributes or preferences of applicants. If you share this kind of information in your resume, you may actually discourage an employer from contacting you out of fear of future legal problems. Do not use abbreviations.Many of our customers are concerned with having a professional resume that has reliable formatting and is available on a variety of computer formats. Ultius’ American resume writers know the ins-and-outs of the tricky headings, format styles, and file formats such as .pdf and .docx. Often, employers will require you to upload your resume or send it as an email attachment, which can be frightening when you are unsure how the resume will look to the receiver. With Ultius, we are the best resume writing service because we can’t wait to tackle these problems for you and put them to rest.