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Anyone who has seen documentaries on American child beauty pageants might have a notion that it’s intensive coaching and cajoling the child into fixing a grimace-smile onto their face for hours on end.

This behaviour is becoming a trend in the competitive world of American child beauty pageants

Another star of that show, Eden Wood, one of the most successful American child beauty pageant queens, has been quoted as claiming: “Make-up makes me happy. I like being pretty on stage with my make-up on.” She will be making a special guest appearance at the Dublin pageant on September 21. Eden is a mini-entrepreneur with a burgeoning film career, clothing line and spokesperson contracts. Now retired from the pageant circuit as a contestant she is selling her expertise to aspiring hopefuls who aim to emulate her success. She has been competing in pageants since she was a 14-month-old toddler.

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It was akin to all those alarming tales you hear about American child beauty pageants >> I still need to work on that index card system (don't ask me why it has to be an old fashioned library card type set-up) of young designers and graduates who I've written about so that I can routinely check up on them to see what they're up to. A wee update on , whose glitter4eva inspired by the strange veneer of American child beauty pageants, has earned her much editorial attention (all that glitters loves the camera evidently) and so she's quite rightly thought, why ruin a good thing? For A/W 13-4, she's created a range of clutch bags that use the same glitter covered material as the dresses in her MA collection as well as the surprising ditzy floral linings. The shapes are derived from the flat accoutrements that made up her stellar collection where graphic shapes would jut in and out from a dress like oversized jewellery. These clutches continue that narrative of too-much-right-on adornment and decoration and inevitably catch the glint in my glitterbugged out eye.

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For a lot of little girls and more importantly, parents of little girls around the world, the road to miss universe starts with a child beauty pageant, and now us Australians can join in. Melbourne hosted our first American style child beauty pageant where little girls and boys between 0 and13 can compete to be crowned little Miss/Mister Bayside, that’s right, there are tiaras involved.

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