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An ACT test evaluate students’ general educational achievements as well as their abilities to accomplish college level assignments on English, Mathematics, science, reading and writing. In this respect, it is composed of two parts: a multiple choice test and the writing assignment where a student should present his/her essay. In order to get ready for the second part of an ACT test, it is necessary to consult ACT sample essays that provide students with a better idea about an essay structure and organization.

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Here are ten additional new ACT sample essay question prompts I've written to help you prepare

1. Begin your essay with an opening that alludes to the 3 perspectives and also includes your take on the issue. For instance, in the provided ACT sample essay, “Intelligent Machines”, a good opening might be:

We know what the ACT Writing Test is and how it's scored

ACT sample essays are of great importance for students. The article explains how ACT sample essays should be used for improving writing skills. As it can be seen, ACT sample essays have a lot advantages. However, students should be careful because there are some shortcomings of using ACT sample essays:

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